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BÆRFÜT is an alias and brand name that covers the projects and products conceptualised and produced by me, Fin Scholefield. 

I am an audio specialist, who achieved a first class degree with honours in my undergraduate in 'Sound for Games' at dBs Music Institute, and have taught myself a wide range of audio and programming related skills, congruent with the knowledge accrued throughout my studies:

I have become particularly adept at DSP development, on both a programmatic and mathematical level - learnt and developed primarily using the JUCE Framework and C++. This has manifested in the beginnings of my plugin company ' WARLOCK DSP ' with the first product BUZZSAW - an overdrive modelled distortion, flavoured with chorus styled feedback and and a lowpass ladder filter, to be released before the end of 2021.

Additionally, throughout the past few years, I have also become highly familiar with Unity3D and the Unreal Engine (UE4), by developing projects from the ground up, and via the process of integrating sounds into pre-made environments. The best example of the former is the game In Phrygia This latter exercise presented the opportunity develop an aptitude for using Wwise and Fmod Studio, using their GUIs and APIs in both of the aforementioned game engines. 

Furthermore, certain projects have required entirely bespoke audio engines, which has only bolstered my ability to adapt my knowledge to any given scenario. For instance, I have created an entire procedural audio engine using the visual programming language 'Pure Data' for a multiplayer, top-down PvP tank game.

Beyond audio programming, I am a musician and producer, having played a range of instruments for almost a decade, and having produced my own music for around six years. Currently, I've released an album (Io) and three singles (Awake, Sol & Luna), with two of the latter having been played on BBC Radio. 

The following is the music video for one of my newest singles 'Sol' - I hope you enjoy! 

Check out the music tab for more tracks and links to streaming services!
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