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This is a non-linear rescore of The Witcher 3, using Ableton’s clip system, to trigger the sections at the the appropriate times.
This is a breakdown of the reasoning behind the musical choices:
Most of the sections were based around the simple string line: A, E, G.
The ‘Roaming’ part consisted of acoustic guitar (lute) and a flute, to accompany the medieval aesthetic that this game has, with the strings and the wind sound being used string everything together. I kept the guitar harmonically simple and the flute I wrote in D Dorian mode to continue the medical theme. 
For the Witcher sense is low passed the ‘Roaming’ track and switched to a drop sound with rustling bushes to represent the heightened senses that come with the power. The drone modulates slightly but doesn’t change much and then the the low pass sound is reverse to take the player out of the Witcher sense.
The horse galloping part is in a major key and uses fast staccato strings accompanied with precision to poetry the speed and power but also the thrill of riding the horse through the countryside. legato melody over the top of this adds some fluidity to the piece and shows some elegance as well. The ending of the horse galloping sound is homophonic staccato strings accompanied with a defending legato string line which represents the slowing of the horse and the dismount.
The music for the meditation window uses the sound of clock bells elongated to create drones, accompanied by ticking sounds. This shows the spiritual nature of meditation while also pertaining to the passing of time. 
The ‘Magical’ area is just harp, strings and chimes, the timbre of the chimes and harp evoke a mystical feeling. The slow, almost sporadic melody plays a part in portraying this mysticism.
The battle music is very percussive and warlike. The frequency range of this piece is very low, with the staccato strings playing a repetitive but powerful loop around the notes B, D and C. The legato strings playing C, D, E in the lower part accompanied by the A, E, G string line create two minor thirds in harmony and one perfect fourth  creating a mournful sound, representing the loss of life. 
The process of making this was a good introduction into composing vertically rather than horizontally, creating intermingling sections of music that can be pulled in and out at any time.

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