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To implement most of the sounds in this level I used Google’s ‘Resonance’ plugin for Unity. This is a custom spatialisation tool with build in ambisonic support. With this in mind, I wanted to showcase the functionality of this plugin. 
The ambiences are all ambisonic, with some recorded with 1st degree ambisonic microphones and others made using ambisonic spatialisation plugins in Logic X. This creates an enveloping effect, making the player feel more like they are in the environment. I used the Resonance spatialisation for the trees, using the build in HRTF to create minor filtering when the player turns their head. On the radio, I used the Resonance polar pattern editor to make the sound more front bias (similar to that of a cardioid microphone). This created some filtering and volume ducking behind the radio which then fades away as the player moves around to the front. Other features I used were the reverb zones in the river area. The reverb was set up with each surface having its own absorption coefficient (or nothing at all in the case of the ceiling). This creates a more realistic simulation of the reverberation, and in turn, a more realistic game environment.

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