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The purpose of this project was firstly to continue practicing my implementation skills with Unity and C#, and secondly to learn how to use Reaper as a sound design tool.
The level itself is a pre-made Unity demo, so to integrate the sounds I had to work out how the mechanics of the level worked. In simple terms, it used an event system, which would trigger events when the player clicks in the right place. These events could vary depending on certain predetermined conditions. Given this, I had to both edit existing scripts and create some new ones - some of which replacing existing scripts (namely the audio management scripts).
I found that Reaper was a good alternative to Logic X (my usual DAW), particularly for the sound design elements but less so for the composition. I think thats simply down to my workflow for composition being very optimised in Logic, and would likely take a while to get to a similar level of productivity in Reaper.

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