Just before Christmas, the Yogscast (a YouTube network/channel) held their annual game jam, which I decided to enter. I ended up working with my friend and talented sound designer/composer, Máté Moldován - http://www.matemoldovan.com/.
We had 48hrs in total to make the game, from 8pm on Friday to 8pm on Sunday. We spend a few hours before the start time concepting and developing some ideas so that we could dive straight in. We started properly the next day and worked mainly via video and google drive.
The game is a simple Christmas themed platformer, in which the player has to get as many points as possible.
Points are gathered by killing enemies using one of the three weapons available (sword, shield and gun) and by delivering presents to the chimneys. There is also a time bonus applied at the end.
The game was going well however right at the end durning the submission, I realised that I had missed out a crucial file in the upload, so the game wouldn’t work. This was unfortunate but the whole process was great fun so it was not a huge loss.
We called the game: Santa’s Special Delivery.

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