I decided to get some experience in integrating Pure Data into Unity, and to do this I decided to use Kalimba. Kalimba is an API for accessing bangs and floats within a Pure Data patch and subsequently triggering/changing them. It was a very simple set up, I simply had to put the asset scripts into my Unity Assets folder, put my patches into the streaming assets folder, adding a network connection atom into the highest level Pure Data patch and lastly making sure that patch is open before runtime.
I used my weather patch because it has a nice amount of parameters to work with. I set up four different points on a plane and then did a small amount of maths to equate the distance range in Unity, to the range of the parameters of the wind in my Pure Data patch. I then used Raycasting to turn on the rain and thunder when a block was clicked.
This exercise definitely gave me a solid understanding in Pure Data integration. I’m looking forward to applying this to some more substantial projects. I would like to use a system like his for my game, but as Kalimba is experimental at the moment, I don’t think it would be appropriate for use in a released product.

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