The ‘Currently Untitled Wizard RPG’ is a project that I started in the summer, experimenting with Unity’s tile system. I knew that I wanted to make a game using tile system so I decided that making a small single level platformer would be a good opportunity to practice. It also meant that I could practice some pixel art which is one of my biggest struggles as a solo developer. Visual art is something I have always struggled with, I am much more inclined towards sound, but I think I am slowly improving. In regards to the tile system, it definitely helped me gain a solid understanding of the tools, however I didn’t venture into scriptable tiles at the time which is definitely a large part of making effective use of the tile system.
The game itself is a platformer in which you control a wizard. The wizard has two spells: a platform spawning spell and a fireball spell. The former spell would play a large role in the puzzle solving aspects of the game whereas the the fireball would be to defeat enemies. The latter spell is pretty redundant however as there are no enemies in the game.
This was supposed to just be a small practice, however I like some of the mechanics and would like to further develop this at some point.

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