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This is a rescoring of the opening cutscene in the 2013 Tomb Raider game. This was an effective exercise in beat mapping and writing music that flows well but also synergises with the visuals.
This is a breakdown of the musical choices:
The main melody is fragmented, so that despite it resolving to the B, the rhythmic elements suggest an extra bit of melody, which comes after some repetition of the first half of the melody. Creates mystery, which suits the supernatural sort of style that the game has.
I chose the voice as the main melodic instrument because it’s the most natural. The clip shows Lara (and others) battling the elements and loosing. The vocals represent the almost sociopathic tenancies of nature, as it sounds serene and calm, but the imagery is showing ruthless destruction.
The main melody is switched to the violin to represent Lara fighting back, at bar 31. It’s then joined by the vocal working in unison with the violin, foreshadowing to potential danger.
The piano represents the water. For instance at from 1:21 - 1:29 Lara is falling towards the water, which is represented by a rapid arpeggio, which then is resolved (rhythmically rather than harmonically) at 1:29 when she hits the water.
The arpeggio is repeated in the violins at the end of the piece at a slower tempo. The arpeggio is a vague motif for Lara’s peril and danger. The adagio tempo at this end part, rather than allegro tempo at 1:21 represents the comatose state that Lara is in, but the use of 16th note shows that she is still aware of the danger surrounding her.
The ‘clicks’ that occur at 21 secs and 1:13 create a sense of urgency, with the almost clock ticking timbre, they are both in the buildup to an ocean based event happening, either the ocean starting to throw the boat around or Lara falling into the ocean. 
The use of tremolo on the strings between 23 secs and 1:21 also represent urgency but from Lara’s perspective.
There are lots of low frequencies layered in parts (57-1:13 for instance) which show the thick, deep and powerful nature of the ocean. The different timbres of the instruments move between each other like waves.
The percussive elements mainly serve to help build sections up and create drama. However from 1:21-1:31 the bass drum represents a heartbeat as Lara is under water. This creates subtle foreshadowing to the fact that she is still alive. 
From 1:37 - 2:37 Just has the key instruments: Piano, Violin and Voice. The section starts with just piano and Violin, representing Lara’s struggle to stay above the surface for the water and get to dry land. The Voice comes in at about 2 mins and accompanies Lara’s struggle to find her friends, and again foreshadowing to some danger ahead, which comes in the form of someone hitter her over the head. The section ends with a variant of the arpeggio, which resolves down to an E.
The last section is a battle between the violin and the voice, with the voice having the last word, but leaving some eerie ambiguity as to what has happened to Lara.

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