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Making the sound for this level was my first time using the Unreal Engine, which at first confused me, but as I continued it became much clearer. The blueprint system works very well with audio and makes it easy create the logic needed to trigger sounds (footsteps for instance). That being said I still like Unity more overall, but that is most likely due to my deeper knowledge of C# and its role in Unity compared to C++ or the blueprint system in Unreal. The sounds themselves were made using Native Instruments Massive and recorded sounds via the RODE NT1A. All of the sounds were edited in Logic which is my DAW of choice. There was an issue that I ran into when implementing the sounds, which was that they weren’t being spatialised. I eventually discovered that even if you set a track to mono in Logic Pro X it still exports to stereo and, in Unreal, stereo files won’t spatialise. The solution is to manually bounce each track in mono, making sure to turn off pan and volume automation before exporting - it works but is a little time consuming.

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