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I used Wwise to implement these sounds and music into Unity, using Wwise’s components and also making use of the API to create custom logic using C#. Wwise is a very powerful tool and made applying more complex logic into the level quicker and easier than it would have been just through scripting. It also is probably more efficient than a script that I would have come up with to serve the same function. That being said, I do enjoy knowing exactly how everything is working in a level, and Wwise (or any proprietary middleware) creates a degree of separation from this (unless you purchase the highest tier, then you get access to the source code). The software did eventually make it easier to implement my sounds and trigger logic, but it did take up some extra time at the beginning. This was probably due to the fact I already had knowledge of hard coding audio into games and so this initially felt like a step back, but I think for some people and especially bigger studios, audio middleware is a great idea.
In the level I used trigger boxes for all of the different footstep sounds and the different zones to trigger different ambiences and music. There was also some use of RTPC (Real Time Parameter Control), for instance I created a custom occlusion effect for the ocean sounds, with a filter and volume change as the player moves through the village.

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