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BUZZSAW is a novel take on a traditional overdrive modelled distortion effect.

 The signal flows through a low-passed ladder filter, with relatively extreme resonance control, as this contributes significantly to the 'Buzzsaw' sound that the plugin is designed for.

Next the signal go through the 'drive' and 'buzz' algorithms, which are both custom variations on basic distortion functions, like a hyperbolic tangent ( tanh(x) ). 

Finally, the signal moves into the modulation sections of the plugin, which is where the plugin truly gets its namesake. The buzzsaw as an object presents a plethora of physical attributes and adjectives that provide a strong basis for developing actual audio manipulation parameters. For instance, the oscillatory nature of the disc shaped blade already alludes to a potential modulation based effect. Using a chorus type of effect provides both a rotational aspect to the sound, while also providing a +/- feedback loop, increasing the severity of the distortion through accentuating certain harmonics, depending on the direction the feedback is running. 

Ultimately, this plugin is a tool to be used however you see fit, so give it a go and let us know what you think! Either through 
Twitter: @BAERFUT || Instagram: @baerfut
or email, via the CONTACT page above.
Select algorithms available on GitHub.
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